Niche Focused Coworking on the Rise?

Colorado residents are no stranger to "cannapreneurs" - entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Colorado is one the leading states in this industry's business development space post marijuana legalization alongside California, Nevada, Washington.

With a vast and passionate following of cannabis users paired with long overdue repeal of prohibition, it is only natural to see such a huge crop of rapid investment and technological development in the market. So much so that cannabis based coworking is actually a thing now.

Podwerks brings the idea of providing weed entrepreneurs with a cooperative grow area and workspace. While some coworking spaces have dabbled with creating separate niche focused zones within their space, Podwerks understands that is not sufficient for its users. Targeting the unique needs of cannapreneurs extends well beyond fresh coffee and fast wifi.

In Nevada, a cannabis delivery company called Hytiva labored to find the right team members for its service by frequenting the local Las Vegas dispensaries and talking up the customers. The "old fashioned" approach to networking though effective isn't nearly as efficient as what a cannabis coworking environment would provide.

We should feel naive to not expect marijuana focused working and networking spaces to not spread rapidly through recreation legal cities in the near future. The desire for collaboration in this industry is red hot.